Let us just tell you about our winter holidays in Krkonoše in the Czech Republic. It’s one of the best vacations every single year and we literally can’t wait for next year after arriving at home again.

Julia: So this year has been my 14th year going to the same place to go skiing. I went to the ski school when I was 5 years old and now I’m 18 and since then we ordinarily go there every year. Actually, I don’t want to go skiing anywhere else because I love this place maybe because I connect something emotional with it.

We started as a big group of people that are friends of my parents. Even though the big group gets rarer every year it doesn’t stop me from skiing there. In all these years a lot of funny things happened that are literally to awkward to tell you.

Two years ago Melli joined our ski crew and it was her first time being on skis. I slowly teached her how to ride these planks and now she’s a pro just like me after several crashes.

We really recommend to go skiing in the Czech Republic. It’s not only cheaper it is also as beautiful as for example the Alps. If you are looking for relaxed ski slopes, the Czech Republic is the place for you. If you are looking for some rough slopes, well, then the Alps are probably better.

Love this place so much: how the trees bend from the snow load, the wide area covered by meter-high snow on the high mountains & where only the fir tips look out from the snow, skiing through the snowy forest, taking the first step in the fresh snow or the trickle when it’s snowing. The area exudes so much peace. Enjoy every single moment there.

📍Krkonoše, Czech Republic

~Julia & Melli


I hope you all had a nice contemplative time with your family for Christmas. Thus, New Year’s Eve is coming and the new year. The time between Christmas & New Year is mostly used to set new goals & to reflect on the past year at least we use this time for things like that.

Anyone planning a cozy evening with friends on New Year’s Eve at home but still need a nice outfit. This outfit we are going to show you fits probably perfect for New Year’s Eve & the cold season. So ​​why freeze in short skirts in front of the club, if you can put on such a stylish sweater?

A beautifully cut of a sweater can look great even with simple black jeans & boots. The sleeves of the pullover are the highlight, because not only blouses have such sleeves. Unfortunately, you dunk in every bowl or plate, but that does not matter!

Just a tip: If you want to admire the fireworks outside at 12 am, you need a matching jacket on the arms, because the sleeves form otherwise only an immovable knot in the jacket & it looks really not nice.

Well, we wish you a nice holiday, a happy new year and “einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr” as we say in Germany.

~ Julia & Melli


L’amour fou is french and means something like crazy love! Why crazy love? Because we love this outfit. What is better on a wonderful snow day than to grab your favourite jacket and to proudly walk through the winter wonderland?! May some of you don’t like snow or the cold but just let your grouchy mood in your wardrobe and bring out your favourite outfit and your beloved jacket. Snow is great above all you can work with a lot of contrasts!


If you’re looking to break out of your black or camel coat and jacket rut we highly recommend giving green a try like we did. This is such a girly and cute outfit you can wear everywhere! We really adore it!


The coat is really conspicuous so we chose more natural and dark colors to focus on that super pretty jacket.


As our green coat so warm, cozy and with a unique lightness. Suitable for the city and perfect for frequent trips. An elegant and stylish piece that will turn heads.
What do you think?


Coat – Next

Scarf – Necklush (not the same)

Skirt – House of Fraser (not the same)

High Knee Socks – Asos


~ Julia & Melli


Happy New Year! May every day of the new year glow with good cheer and happiness for you and your family.

The first post in the new year!


A snow day is a snow day. And if you’re anything like us that means it’s a day that magically transports you back to your childhood to a time when you got to spend your day throwing snowballs, creating snow angels and building snow igloos.

We pieced together a stylish winter-proof outfit that can withstand the snow, the cold and frankly any cold-weather activity.


Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t have as much fun getting dressed as you did during the warmer months and look just as stylish!


In fact as much as we love sundresses the endless layering possibilities that come with the chill of winter kick the sartorial part of our brain into high gear.


But hey! With winter comes cheery things like hot cocoa and crackling fires. But nothing defines the season of snow, sleet and rain quite like chilly weather – and the bundled up, hyper-layered outfits that follows!


Coat – H&M

Bag – Debenhams (not the same)

Pants – H&M

Shoes – Timberland (not the same)


~ Julia & Melli