So… let´s go. Our day two in Prague. It was a very hot day! Even hotter than the first day hence we decided to explore the department stores. There is nothing better, at temperatures of 36 degrees, to go shopping in a chilly place. We were in the Palladium, quite near namésti republiky. Yeah…and we spent a few hours in the shops at this place like Top Shop, Reserved, H&M, Mango, Calvin Klein, etc.. You can believe us, the moment we went through the door to go outside was the worst. Felt like the heat was killing us and as we walked in the heat we envied every passant with a mini fan.

We walked further through the streets and arrived at a beautiful boulevard full of people. Do you know that situation when you choose your holiday destination and there are places or sights you definitely want to visit during your stay? We had planned to visit the Václavcké náměstí. And we actually visited it even more than once as we later realized, because the moment we walked along the beautiful boulevard, we did not know that it was the Václavcké náměstí. That was super funny as we walked out the metro station(on our 4th day in prague) and realized we already went there but more of that later.

After that we went to a park at the new town side called Kampa to just not to collapse. The park offers a great view all over the old town of Prague. We really recommend Prague to you doesn’t matter where you go it is always entertaining to listen or watch the street musicians and street artists.





~ Julia&Melli


Travel Trend 2017: Hyper Personalization in the travel industry

After several surveys by a number of travel organizations and experts, it has been discovered that people have become more comfortable with sharing personal information like their location and travel history with travel companies in return for a more customized service.

Dr James Canton from leading think tank the Institute for Global Futures, says: “The future of travel is really exciting, as we’ll see predictive travel analytic anticipating what consumers want from their experience before booking. The hotel booking itself will be helped along by artificial intelligence software agents, using data mining and intuitive computing. The new travel design science will help create highly personalized in-stay experiences.”

Let’s take a look at some of the various personalization efforts that are been adopted and used by various sectors and support services in the travel industry.

Personalization by Support services in the travel industry

  • New features used by some of the support services in the travel industry like the 2016 update of Uber’s app enables and ensures data from your journeys is collected and stored, this will help in learning from your routines and help predict where you will want to go next.
  • Trips app in an effort to ensure the ease of planning and organizing your trips was also launched by Google in September 2016; it was designed to thoroughly search your G mail account for hotel bookings and flights, as well as propose itineraries and store your reservations.

Personalization by Airlines

Several airlines have become more sophisticated with personalized offers by customizing the airline passengers user experience. However, when it comes to airlines, every aspect of personalization comes at a fee, especially for the “economy class VIP”.

A survey conducted by Sabre in 2016 found that some consumers are willing to spend more to get extra air travel value such as fast-track security, preferred seating and enhanced meals.

On the other hand, booking systems often remember the preferences of premium passengers and more often than not the flight crew know who they are.

Personalization by the hotel industry

A chief commercial officer for a top hotel once said, in the hotel industry there are real life opportunity to use information gathered from a guests stay to create consecutive priceless experiences for them when they return. He added that “Travellers are likely to experience more of this seamless personalization from their hotels within the near future.”

Personalizing an hotel guest’s stay is a major factor to creating a lasting experience. Several luxury hotels now store information on whether you have any dietary preferences, what newspaper you read, what floor you prefer, whether you like red wine or white wine better, if you prefer it sweet or savoury.

At the point when any guest is booking their room, they are often asked a series a questions including the purpose of their visit, as this will help determine small but important details about them and enable the hotel create small gestures of customised recognition.

Like all top hotels, staff will go out of their way to remember your name, as well as relevant facts about who you are and why you are in town so they can converse with you.

  • A perfect example is when a guest books a room for a business trip but has to arrive late, the hotel makes sure his or her room is prepared for bedtime straight away and leave a tea amenity to aid in sleep and an energy bar for the next morning.
  • Elle magazine’s beauty editor once arrived at the W St Petersburg to discover the hotel had incorporated the tag line of her own range of scented candles, her love of cats and shoes to create a more personalized effect. She posted a picture of it on social media and the reaction it garnered from people said it all.
  • Some hotels have adopted the use of dynamic emails where every time you open one of their messages, a count down timer comes on and then when you open again the next day, the content could be different, however the hotel offers remain accurate and up to date.
  • Thanks to digital innovation, Hilton HHonors app can be used to select your room and can serve as a digital key to access your room instead of the plastic one usually given at the reception. The digital key also allows you pin your favourite room and when next you stay at the hotel, you will find a little heart shape on the room floor.
  • Hilton’s recent partnership with Google Maps also means you can now see special locations and pick your favourite room near the lake, a park or any other point of interest. You can also message the front desk, make restaurant reservations or request champagne on arrival.

The future of personalization in the hotel industry

Skyscanner’s director of hotels Nik Gupta agrees: “[By 2024], advances in digital technology will mean that travellers will have no need to encounter a single human being from the time that they enter their chosen hotel to the time that they check out of their room. The fight back against peer-to-peer travel will see hotels empower their guests with incredible levels of hyper-personalisation through their mobile devices to provide the unique experiences they want.”

Skyscanner also foretells that hotel software will link with guests’ social media profiles so that when they book a particular room, everything is set specifically for them. Some hotels are already looking up VIP guests online and anticipating what they might appreciate when they get there.

Do you believe hyper-personalization is the future of travel or do think this is doing too much?

Please share your thoughts.


Author’s Bio:

Mariam Barry is a lifestyle and travel blogger.


So in these posts we want to show and tell you our experiences in Prague. We decided to separate the posts in sights and our outfits we wore that day.

We finally arrived in Prague and were pretty much impressed from the first look of the city! Unfortunately we had to carry our suitcases with us till check-in at 2pm so we went to the river Moldau, sat down in a park and watched the Charles Bridge and the Castle of Prague from far away. Let’s just tell you a funny story! Okay, so we went into a metro station and there were these “alarm systems” at the entrance and Mellis suitcase trigged an alarm. The officer forced her to open her suitcase right in the middle of the entrance. By the way there were a lot of people and of course they were starring at us. Melli followed his instructions. The officer opened his eyes wide and immediately said that she can close it again because the case was a mess of clothes, shoes, accessoires and many other stuff.

After checking into the hotel we could finally enjoy the city without our heavy suitcases. We went to Staroměstské náměstí, Karlův most and strolled through a lot of streets in Prague till our feet hurted. FUN FACT! We walked 17,4 km that day!

The old town of Prague is just breathtaking! We could not stop taking pictures of it. These cute little alleys and their tiny restaurants and cafes. Even tho it was really crowded it did not matter because the people are so nice and friendly there. Oh and it is super easy going by train/metro. Prague only got 3 lines in all directions but the stations are likely more far away like there is no station at every street. We never rushed into the wrong train. The metro is such a cool experience.

It was pretty warm that day especially while carring our suitcases. The city heats up enormously and makes the day difficult for you but hey! better than rain. After this exhausting day we fell in our beds and slept at once pretty excited about what the next day in Prague offers. We will tell you that in our next posts. For now just enjoy these photos we took.





~Julia & Melli


Hey guys!

So we recently craving to get out of our comfort zone and discover the world. We always view new travel pages, look for magical places around the world, fill up our bucket list and set us goals. A bucket list hasn’t just a countable number of experiences or achievements you hope to accomplish during your lifetime. It has something magical, motivating and inspiring. Loving to rummage around inspirational people who travel the whole world by car or by foot and show their beautiful pictures and stimulating texts about their crazy life rides. We honestly envy them because they just don’t care! They don’t care if they will have a luxurious hotel as their next accommodation or a spa or wellness offers. It’s about discovering the quite nature and landscape around you, the big and loud cities who offer so much fun and just forget your current worries. Stargazing in a tent in the wilderness or party in the coolest club in New York City till next morning.

Unfortunately for all these dreams you need a lot of money but it’s possible, isn’t it? We are saving and earning money to accomplish our next goal: the wild America. We are craving for all the national parks and uncrowded landscape but also want to visit all our favourite big cities. We still have the time to do that because we got long holidays.

We are now going to travel more to discover new cultures and countries! It will be lit! Our next destination is Prague in the Czech Republic. So stay tuned for some cool photos, information and outfits!! Actually in love with that city!

And here is a collection of our favourite tumblr travel pictures to inspire you: 

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~Julia & Melli


Julia: I could finally write part two of my Tenerife adventure.

Click here for part one! 

Day 4:

We actually got up at like 5 am to be on time when the cable car is leaving for the volcano Teide. So my dad drove us like a hour through the national park to get there at sunrise. I took great pictures as you can see. Teide is 3.718 m high so we thought we need some warm clothes because it could be really cold up there but it wasn’t at all because the sun was shining and it was a hot day. The oxygen supply on top of the volcano is really low and you actually recognize that because you will be out of breath after literally 10 steps but it doesn’t matter because Teide offers a breathtaking view. By the way Teide is the highest volcano in Spain.


Teide is at it’s most emblematic at sunrise and sunset. The spectacularity of these moments is made by the changing tones of the sky and the light reflecting off the rocks. This is why I recommend you visit early in the morning when the views are at their most impressive and breathtaking.

Yet two sensations remain unchanged: the immensity of the landscape and the stunning silence.




We spent the rest of the day on the beach.


Day 5:

My parents and I went to El Médano to see some of the great surfers. It is located in the south of Tenerife. The town is known for various windsurfing competitions and championships. The wind has a lot of power there. El Médano is one of the world’s best windsurfing/kitesurfing locations. On the beach are many bars and restaurants where you can take a coffee or eat spanish tapas, sea food or some other cool stuff.


In the afternoon my dad and I went parascending. Do you know what that is? Parascending is a kiting activity where a person is towed behind a boat while attached to a specially designed canopy wing known as a parasail wing. You fly like 100m high and have an amazing view. We finished our flight with a dip in the water. It was soooo fun!

Day 6:

My parents and I went to Los Gigantes. It is located on the west coast of the Canary Island Tenerife. Los Gigantes is known for the giant rock formations that rise from the sea to a height of 500-800 metres (1,640–2,625 ft). Another tourist attraction is the Masca Canyon.
We went on a speed boat to watch whales and dolphins out there and we actually saw a lot of them. The dolphins were really quick so it was difficult taking a photo of them.We were almost close enough to touch them. It was so beautiful out there and I enjoyed the silence and the salty smell. 

It was one of my favourite days because I saw my all time favourite animals in real life for the first time … dolphins!!! I was super excited!

Day 7:

We spend the whole day on the beach and strolled around the town Playa de Las Américas and just relaxed all day.

~Julia & Melli