At first we were looking for a real poncho but then we came across the poncho scarf. We would call this poncho scarf an absolute all-rounder.

Especially handy is that you can easily convert the poncho into a scarf, in case it gets too cold or you forget your scarf.

You can throw it over your shoulders or use it as a super nice big cuddly scarf. As you can tell, he is just totally uncomplicated. Just throw on a poncho when you leave the house & you look elegant and extravagant.

Incidentally, the poncho originally came from the South American countries. The classic poncho looks like a blanket with a slit in the middle, through which the head can be put. Meanwhile, the poncho has established itself rather as a coat-like cape without sleeves. Ponchos are now available in a variety of color and pattern variants. Especially great we like pastels.

You can combine the poncho to suit any situation, school, office or finer events. Either you combine a blouse or a normal shirt, as we, depending on.

~Julia & Melli


L’amour fou is french and means something like crazy love! Why crazy love? Because we love this outfit. What is better on a wonderful snow day than to grab your favourite jacket and to proudly walk through the winter wonderland?! May some of you don’t like snow or the cold but just let your grouchy mood in your wardrobe and bring out your favourite outfit and your beloved jacket. Snow is great above all you can work with a lot of contrasts!


If you’re looking to break out of your black or camel coat and jacket rut we highly recommend giving green a try like we did. This is such a girly and cute outfit you can wear everywhere! We really adore it!


The coat is really conspicuous so we chose more natural and dark colors to focus on that super pretty jacket.


As our green coat so warm, cozy and with a unique lightness. Suitable for the city and perfect for frequent trips. An elegant and stylish piece that will turn heads.
What do you think?


Coat – Next

Scarf – Necklush (not the same)

Skirt – House of Fraser (not the same)

High Knee Socks – Asos


~ Julia & Melli


dsc02527dsc02507Winter outfits brings with it a myriad of challenges. How do you look stylish when you are layered up and completely covered? How best to dress for a 70-degree office when it is 30 degrees outside (we’ve got coat and scarf suggestions for that). You’ve landed on the page that will be your resource for stylish winter dressing.


Sweaters aren’t the only winter essentials that can keep you warm. We love scarves!


Let’s be honest: Getting dressed in the dead of winter is no easy feat when the aim is to stay warm and look cool. Yet we often click through our favorite style blogs only to realize that it is possible as evidenced by the scores of stylish ladies who manage to appear seasonally appropriate and chic on a daily basis.


Scarves: Seriously? Besides the fact that they make you feel as if you’re still in the comfort of your warm cozy bed when in fact you’re out in the blizzard cold and they can always make and never break an outfit.

We really see no point in taking this discussion further as in trying to convince anyone of how much they’d actually need a scarf. Scarves are the one thing everyone is wearing and resorting to if not for sartorial reasons hidden behind these fluffy massive winter accessories then for the need to stay warm.


Scarf – Asos (not the same)

Trousers – H&M (not the same)

Top – H&M


~ Julia & Melli



We are back at it again after two weeks.

The winter is near and it’s getting colder but you can still look good in thicker clothes. Our highlight for today is this very beautiful trench coat. It’s denim, destroyed and another kind of trench coat. We took a scarf which has the colours of fall like the colourful foliages on the trees and it fits the jacket perfectly. Go check out Sheinside for more pretty trench coats like that and other clothes that would match this season. You don’t have to choose a skirt like we did. A normal Jeans in literally every colour would look cute belong this jacket. The quality is super high and it’s even on sale for 43%. Trench coats can look cool and casual and not only serious and chic. Do you like trench coats and do you own one? We would love to know that. Be ready for the next post.

Trench Coat –  Sheinside

~Julia & Melli
*sponsored by Sheinside





Thank you soo much for 1oo follower. We are grateful for your support in the last 2 months and we hope we can still inspire you! Summer is over but don’t be sad autumn brings a new era of fashion with it. Don’t sit in your room every day. Grap your favorite jacket and go meet your friends. We chose a great and sporty look and set a accent with the red lipstick. Oh and we took our Calvin Klein Bag. It’s very practical because of the size and it looks so good! You also can combine bright accessoires if the outfit is to dark for you. Try it and have fun!

Lipstick – NYX Cosmetics

Leather Jacket – Asos (not the same)

Shirt – H&M (sold out)

Trousers – Only

Shoes – Snipes

Bag – Calvin Klein ( not the same)

Scarf – Zalando (not the same)