WE LOVE DENIM! Just a super simple outfit for today refined with some accessories.


Body positivity begins by loving yourself and to be confident in your own body and it doesn’t matter what other people say. If someone wants full lips let them have lipfillers, if someone wants bigger breasts let them have breast implants or a butt implants for a bigger butt or whatever. We don’t see it as a “trend”. We see it as them doing whatever they want and make them happy with their own body. It’s something we need to learn to be confident by being yourself. We need to learn that too. We are not perfect, nobodys perfect but that’s totally okay!


It’s totally okay to be your own priority like yes you matter and there is no being selfish there. Confidence is the key, it may be hard and take time but you got to learn to love yourself. Self love comes first. Don’t ever judge someone of their weight, skin, fashion, attitude or whatever.


Shirt: Asos

Jeans: H&M (sold out)

Shoes: Nike Air Force 1


~Julia & Melli



This post is something different.  There are 2 main looks possible once elegant and once sporty. We chose the athletic look because we are more sporty. It’s your choice what you want to wear but both styles look good. You can see a army colored dress with a sexy cut out on the back. It’s a long dress with 2 cuts at the end of the dress on the side. You need to buy this dress because it’s so pretty cool. Also this dress is on sale (70%). So check out the online shop Sheinside. There so many super cool clothes for a low budget and a super good quality. You can also go on our banner of Sheinside on our website. It’s worth it!

Dress – Sheinside


*sponsored by Sheinside


~ Julia & Melli




Thank you soo much for 1oo follower. We are grateful for your support in the last 2 months and we hope we can still inspire you! Summer is over but don’t be sad autumn brings a new era of fashion with it. Don’t sit in your room every day. Grap your favorite jacket and go meet your friends. We chose a great and sporty look and set a accent with the red lipstick. Oh and we took our Calvin Klein Bag. It’s very practical because of the size and it looks so good! You also can combine bright accessoires if the outfit is to dark for you. Try it and have fun!

Lipstick – NYX Cosmetics

Leather Jacket – Asos (not the same)

Shirt – H&M (sold out)

Trousers – Only

Shoes – Snipes

Bag – Calvin Klein ( not the same)

Scarf – Zalando (not the same)




The denim look will always be trendy and the highlight is this oversized denim blouse! We chose the jeans in a darker color to support the look. You can also combine a brighter color for your jeans. I personally love this look. It’s practical and comfortable but still looks good. To make it look more perfect you can add a sunglass, a watch or just a crazy hairstyle.

sunglass – Urban Outfitters

blouse – asos (not the same)

trousers – Only

shoes – Snipes


~Julia & Melli