Together with the young start up company Lucie & Leo we have made a cooperation and now we would like to show you a garment that we liked the most.

But first of all some information about “Lucie & Leo”.

As a young start up from Germany, they have made it their mission to shake up the market and to offer their customers high quality, stylish fashion items at fair prices.

So we got this beautiful & airy dress from Lucie & Leo & it’s called: “Claire Dress”. You can get this dress in 4 different colors. The fabric has a high quality we really appreciate! This dress is made for hot summer days or a chilly beach day. Just loving it! They have so much more cute clothes in their online shop! You should definitely check them out!

Make sure to use our code: “THEFASHIONSALAD” to get 10% off your whole purchase!

~Julia & Melli

*sponsored by Lucie & Leo


We are excited to announce that we have cooperated with Welly Merck. For those of you that are not familiar with Welly Merck, it is a luxury fashion watch brand from Switzerland. They sent us a watch and we want to represent it to you.
When we cut open the package we encountered a turquoise box embossed with Welly Mercks logo on it. The box is rectangular so you have to open it vertically. The packaging makes a very simple but noble impression.

We were really impressed by the quality. The watch that we received is the “Classic Los Angeles S” with a size of 36mm. Another size option available for women is 26mm and for men it is: 40 mm and 42mm.
Our watch has a mesh strap. You can interchange the straps because Welly Merck has a variety of straps, for example genuine leather as well, that you can choose from their website.

As part of our collaboration with Welly Merck, they sent us a discount code to share it with you. If you are interested in buying a watch from Welly Merck then go check them out and you can get 15% off of your order. Additionally there is a free worldwide shipping on all orders.
Our discount code is: Kratkey15

~Julia & Melli

*sponsored by Welly Merck


”Beauty can be found in simplicity.”
That is the motto of the brand Leo Mazzotti which represents the image of their brand really well as you can see, for example, the simple but beautiful bracelets they have in offer! As you can also say: “Less is more!”

Milano Pisa

Their story:The creators of Leo Mazzotti got inspired by the Italian fashion as they traveled through Italy. Eventually they put together a mixture of the Italian classic, the Swiss precious and the designing values and created pretty jewelry, watches and wallets considered to different cities from all over the world.

If you want to get 10% off of your order you can use our code: mel.herrmann

Just make yourself a picture of the brand & its offer! You should check them out! It’s definitely worth it!

~Julia & Melli

*sponsored by Leo Mazzotti


We are back from our 3-week break. Lately it is very stressful especially because of the school. Melli is currently completing her exams & Julia is writing a lot of tests & has a lot of homework to do, which is very nerve wracking.

Last week we spent a few days in the Spreewald and recovered from the hardships. Unfortunately, we always had very bad internet connection there & unfortunately could not make a new blog post! But today the time has come! These pictures have been waiting for weeks for their use.

It’s a simple outfit! This top is even already in another blog post to see, but that does not matter. The shorts & shoes are from Julia’s mom from the past. Nevertheless, they are in perfect condition!

Oh and Spreewald is a really nice place in the east of Germany where you can paddle, bike or go hiking. The main feature is the natural river branch of the Spree, which has been significantly expanded by established channels.

~Julia & Melli


“The tans will fade but the memories will last forever.”

Put the winter clothes back in the cupboard, go out into the open and into pure pleasure: the weather is at its best and it is only May! So enjoy the weather!

Some people are fond of summery temperatures, not having to move out of the house; for all others, however: Out of the booth, good mood and summer air sniff!

Nothing beats summer evenings where you get the long-awaited cooling off of the hot day & no more jackets are needed! The summer is not so far, but we are looking forward to it! Especially on the airy summer dresses and skirts! Summer means: Combine what ever it takes!

“At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.”

~Julia & Melli