In need of some fresh outfit inspiration for fall? We got you! Here is the link if you want to check out part one as well.

We represent you 4 more outfits worth recreating. Easily prepared by reusing single items into another style option. By the way that’s the perfect method when you are traveling!


One simple detail will take your outfit to the next level with its chic sleeve tie accent. Make this top your new go-to. Try this simply style with your favorite maternity jeans and sneakers or booties for an adorable look.


What a cute coat, isn’t it? The coat isn’t only cute but also really warm which suited the mild weather. By the way the jacket is actually for kids because I got it when I was 14 years old but it still fits me even though the sleeves are shorter than normal. The coat is just too pretty not too wear!


Another super simple style that consists of a comfortable sweater and some ripped jeans. The inscription of the jeans is the highlight of our outfit. To make your style look even cooler you can tie your sweater in the front or stuck it in your jeans. It jazzes up your casual outfit.


Here we go again with the blue jeans coat. We promise it’s going to be the last outfit by wearing the jacket! Now to be honest these trousers are actually the most comfortable and stretchy trousers I ever wore besides sweatpants. The fabric consits of viscose, polyamides and elastane. In love!!!

~Julia & Melli



One of our new favorite, especially my new favorite is this jacket by Zara. Actually love at first sight but no purchase after the first sight, because I was insecure.

Uncertain whether it is really worth buying this jacket or not. After 10 more times in this shop and after all the times standing in front of the same jacket I finally bought it … and hey!!! Now I can say I don’t regret it at all. This jacket is perfect for the cold winter season. (sequel follows)



We got the jeans jacket from our cooperation with Sheinside. The jacket is cool, casual, comfortable and fits many styles so it’s an absolute master. We combined it with some black trousers with tiny white stripes and a casual white top you actually can’t see in the photos.


Unlike the second outfit which is rather less suitable for cold days, but for Budapest and this beautiful weather there it was the best choice.


There is the jacket again as we said it’s an absolute master. That time with a little black dress. That style is more girly than the other jeans jacket look. Here is the one proof that you can combine it to so many different styles as you like. It’s worth buying yourself a jeans jacket because it’s a “neutral” color.

~Julia & Melli


Our last trip was to Budapest, the heart of Hungary. Budapest is not only impressively and unique because of all these beautiful buildings and sights but also varied. We can be lucky that this city was largely spared from the war because it offers a multicultural heritage for the tourists, as evidenced by Roman buildings and ruins, Serbian synagogues and churches and Turkish thermal baths. So perfect for photo-freaks like us who try to take the best photo everywhere (literally laying on the ground to get the best ankle)!

Országház / Parliament of Budapest


The Parliament Building is richly decorated down to the smallest detail and is the largest public building in Hungary with its 17,745 sqm. It is incredibly impressive and believe us we were impressed and speechless every time leaving the metro station (Kossuth tér). So it is an absolute must visiting the Parliament Building but hand on heart – you can hardly overlook it.

Mátyás-templom / Matthias Church


Halászbástya / Fisherman’s Bastion

Another place of interest is the Fisherman’s Bastion in the Buda Castle district. The panorama terraces offer a unique view of Budapest. You have a great perspective of the Danube and the Parliament Building. The sweet oriental towers inspired us and we can only recommend it.

Budavári Palota / Buda Castle


The Buda Castle district, however, is not just the Fisherman’s Bastion, but also the Castle Palace, the Szent György Square and the historic residential district.

Széchenyi lánchíd / Chain Bridge


(lit in the colors of the American flag because of the Las Vegas shooting) #prayforLasVegas

Szabadság – szobor / Liberty Statue


View from the Gellért Hill

Hösök tere / Heroes Square

The Shoes on the Danube Bank

Nagyvásárcsarnok / Great Market Hall


In addition to all the sights like Heroes’ Square, Citadel or St. Stephen’s Basilica the city doesn’t only offer a lot of attractive and interesting “historical places” also the Danube, the street artists, the city center and the old tram make the city what it is now.

We had a few wonderful days in this city and could still report about it. But before we steal your ideas don’t wait too long and go get into a car, in the bus or in the plane and discover the city. It’s worth it! See for yourself.

~Julia & Melli



We sometimes dream about a life in another country, in another city for example New York City. A city where every season looks incredible rather it’s summer or winter. Everyone knows NYC from movies or pictures. It is the city of modernity. That’s why we have chosen that look for you: Young Business. The outfit fits perfectly into the chic city street style or what do you think? The dress and the long vest reflect the typical NYC…exeptional and modern.


I got this dress in New York City two years ago. It was in October shortly before Halloween. My parents and I went there for 10 days. One day I begged my parents to go to SoHo, the New York Fashion District. I wanted to go to all these amazing shops all people were talking about: American Apparel, Brandy Melville, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, … We got off the subway and had know idea which direction the district was. After literally 30 minutes of searching for the right street we finally found it and I was so happy! I think my first shop was Brandy Melville and I grabbed everything that seemed cute which was almost everything. After I’ve got all my big shopping bags I went to Topshop. My first time there! The most suprising thing were the shop assistants. Their fashion style was so inspiring. I crawl through every clothes rack and found this super pretty dress! I already saw it on other bloggers on social media before. My mom was more than excited about the dress so I bought it. I think it was a successfull shopping tour!

Dress – Topshop Dresses

Long Vest – sold out

Shoes – Asos (not the same)

Bag – Asos (not the same)

~Julia & Melli



Nothing is better than a cozy and comfortable fall sweater like this one. The pullover has two highlights. Like the name is saying it has a v neck and a chocker. We specially love the zipper on the elbow. You can just open it if you like. We chose a normal jeans because we wanted to focus on the sweater. “Less is more” is a guiding principle we followed.

The pullover has a more fancy style that may not everyone likes.

Look forward to our next post! We will try to post more. Have a nice day!


Sweater – Romwe


~ Julia & Melli

* sponsored by Romwe