While we do find ourself shopping for gifts like crazy when the holidays come around, we must admit that we craft a good portion of the gifts we give. Handmade gifts are more personal and the fact that they cannot be found in a store makes them special. That’s why we think that these jars are a great christmas gift idea! So if you have still no idea what to give as a present this year get inspired at these jars. 

Here are the jars we made: 

The first one is filled with more sugary stuff like kakao, chocolate, cereals, chocolate cornflakes or sugar. 

The smaller jar is filled with corn, sunflower seeds, noodles, peppercorns and rice.

Once you’ve layered the ingredients into a jar, tie it off with a bow if you want. 

It’s your choice which ingredients you want to lay into the jar. 

You have yourself a lovely holiday gift that’s perfect for family, friends, or even co-workers…

Happy Holidays! 

~Julia & Melli


This DIY is super easy and looks super cool! You can easily add this chokers to every outfit and it will look really cute.

You need:

– a scissor

– velcro fastener

– fabric ribbon or fabric remnants



First take any fabric remnants you want and masher out what length do you need for your choker.



You can rub it a little bit to make some fringes.



Stick the velcro pieces on each side.


And that’s all! You can do that with anything you want to make a choker with.


Here are some final results:


There are also different ways to wear it for exampel:


~ Julia & Melli