We love Calvin Klein! We love their beauty products even though we don’t own any of their unique clothes (except the Calvin Klein Bag)  but we will soon. 

Calvin Klein ck2 Eau de Toilette

The perfume is fashionable, provocative, hip & distinctive. A scent of Calvin Klein for men and women which combines and creates an experience that can be shared in love and friendship. Unique, cool and natural – two fragrances fuse together and create a lively, intimate, sexy and contrasting connection. An unisex fragrance with two facets combining the urban with the freshness of the nature. 

Calvin Klein ck one Skin Moisturizer

Even though it’s ck one instead of ck two like the perfume it still smells awesome and definitely worth buying. The moisturizer is really nourishing and you can smell the scent all day long. It’s crazy! The product enters the skin, surface fast and leaves a pleasant and soft feeling on the skin. It does not leave a sticky residue and is quickly absorbed by the skin. 

~Julia & Melli 


This watch approves that it is not only practical but also pretty! A watch isn’t exactly on top of our need-to-have list but that doesn’t mean a classic timepiece won’t make the best accessory to fit your dress or jeans. We love the brand for watches besides Daniel Wellington. They don’t look so massive, they are just so simple, unique and classic. We really recommend it. 

There are so many great watches out there that reflect a range of timeless and beautiful styles. But if I had to choose one it would be a Paul Hewitt watch. Just switch trough the collection of this brand. By the way this is not sponsored! We just want to show you our favourite watch brand. 

Paul Hewitt is from northern Germany and has such a great quality! They have vibrant colors and a maritime flair. Their watches reflect style consciousness and individuality. 

~Julia & Melli


Burberry – Weekend

It’s one of our favorite perfumes! Julia got it when she visited New York City 2 years ago. When she first tried it she immediately fell in love. It’s a clear essence mixed with the scent of mandarin, tree juice and reseda. It has a floral scent but it does not smell exaggerated. And the fresh fragrance is deepened with cedar and sandalwood. 

Hollister – Malaia

We think everyone has already gone to Hollister and has tried all the perfumes and body sprays. It smells like heaven! We love every single fragrance at Hollister and “Malaia” is one of the best! So Julia’s mom got it for her for Christmas like 2 years ago and it’s almost empty. The essence of crisp water, sheer florals and soft woody tones develops a beautiful fragrance and reminds us of sun, beach, the ocean and California.


This is our all time favorite perfume but now it’s empty. Julia’s mom got it for herself a few years ago and gave it to us later. Unfortunately we don’t know the name of the fragrance and we have never saw it again in any perfume store. We searched for it at the internet but found no information or the perfume. We think the perfume bottle has a new design but we found two essences that could be our perfume – Magnolia and Rose. 

Tommy Hilfiger

The perfume is all about the pear blossom. The essence is floral-fruity-oriental and after applying it will be really light. A perfect summer fragrance! It will remind you immediately of vacation at the beach or at the pool. 

~ Julia & Melli