Ring of Kerry:
Rugged islands, white sandy beaches & dramatic mountain passes: The enchanting Ring of Kerry took us along pristine shores, through charming villages & vibrant cities. We took 2 days for it because there is so much to see & the total road is actually 152 kilometers long. Along the road you will discover the Kerry Cliffs, Killarney & the Killarney National Park that are listed as Hot Spots underneath as well. The landscape is just breathtaking & you have to see it yourself because it is hard to put it into words. On the one side there is the ocean where you can go swimming, surfing or paddling & on the other side are the mountains up to 1000 meters high where you can go for a walk, watch animals like cows or sheeps or go hiking.

A breathtaking natural landscape, historic buildings and Irish lifestyle – Killarney presents itself in many different ways. The legendary Ring of Kerry begins here and the Killarney National Park stretches from pristine, untouched countryside to the coastline. It is located in southwest Ireland and is the second largest city in County Kerry. Around 13,500 inhabitants live in the city. It lies in the center of a wild and romantic area at the foothills of the Macgillycuddy’s Reeks. This mountain range is the highest in the Republic of Ireland. With Lough Leane, Killarney National Park’s largest lake is in close proximity to the city.

Killarney National Park:
At the foot of the McGillycuddy Reeks, the highest mountain range in Ireland, nestle the world famous Lakes of Killarney. The beautiful combination of mountains, lakes, forests and waterfalls give the Killarney National Park a special scenic beauty. The National Park is known for its ancient oak forests, for the castle ruins Ross Castle on Lough Leane or for the heart of the mansion Muckross House, which is surrounded by wild wine.

Kerry Cliffs:
The Kerry Cliffs are not as long and high as the Cliffs of Moher, but in beauty they are in no way inferior. Only the entry of four euros is a bit surprising, but considering how well the path is maintained and the fencing on the edge is in good shape, the costs are in order. Through the fence it is possible, even with children and fear of heights to go to the edge of the cliff and enjoy the view.

~Julia & Melli


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