Let us just tell you about our winter holidays in Krkonoše in the Czech Republic. It’s one of the best vacations every single year and we literally can’t wait for next year after arriving at home again.

Julia: So this year has been my 14th year going to the same place to go skiing. I went to the ski school when I was 5 years old and now I’m 18 and since then we ordinarily go there every year. Actually, I don’t want to go skiing anywhere else because I love this place maybe because I connect something emotional with it.

We started as a big group of people that are friends of my parents. Even though the big group gets rarer every year it doesn’t stop me from skiing there. In all these years a lot of funny things happened that are literally to awkward to tell you.

Two years ago Melli joined our ski crew and it was her first time being on skis. I slowly teached her how to ride these planks and now she’s a pro just like me after several crashes.

We really recommend to go skiing in the Czech Republic. It’s not only cheaper it is also as beautiful as for example the Alps. If you are looking for relaxed ski slopes, the Czech Republic is the place for you. If you are looking for some rough slopes, well, then the Alps are probably better.

Love this place so much: how the trees bend from the snow load, the wide area covered by meter-high snow on the high mountains & where only the fir tips look out from the snow, skiing through the snowy forest, taking the first step in the fresh snow or the trickle when it’s snowing. The area exudes so much peace. Enjoy every single moment there.

📍Krkonoše, Czech Republic

~Julia & Melli


At first we were looking for a real poncho but then we came across the poncho scarf. We would call this poncho scarf an absolute all-rounder.

Especially handy is that you can easily convert the poncho into a scarf, in case it gets too cold or you forget your scarf.

You can throw it over your shoulders or use it as a super nice big cuddly scarf. As you can tell, he is just totally uncomplicated. Just throw on a poncho when you leave the house & you look elegant and extravagant.

Incidentally, the poncho originally came from the South American countries. The classic poncho looks like a blanket with a slit in the middle, through which the head can be put. Meanwhile, the poncho has established itself rather as a coat-like cape without sleeves. Ponchos are now available in a variety of color and pattern variants. Especially great we like pastels.

You can combine the poncho to suit any situation, school, office or finer events. Either you combine a blouse or a normal shirt, as we, depending on.

~Julia & Melli