So in these posts we want to show and tell you our experiences in Prague. We decided to separate the posts in sights and our outfits we wore that day.

We finally arrived in Prague and were pretty much impressed from the first look of the city! Unfortunately we had to carry our suitcases with us till check-in at 2pm so we went to the river Moldau, sat down in a park and watched the Charles Bridge and the Castle of Prague from far away. Let’s just tell you a funny story! Okay, so we went into a metro station and there were these “alarm systems” at the entrance and Mellis suitcase trigged an alarm. The officer forced her to open her suitcase right in the middle of the entrance. By the way there were a lot of people and of course they were starring at us. Melli followed his instructions. The officer opened his eyes wide and immediately said that she can close it again because the case was a mess of clothes, shoes, accessoires and many other stuff.

After checking into the hotel we could finally enjoy the city without our heavy suitcases. We went to Staroměstské náměstí, Karlův most and strolled through a lot of streets in Prague till our feet hurted. FUN FACT! We walked 17,4 km that day!

The old town of Prague is just breathtaking! We could not stop taking pictures of it. These cute little alleys and their tiny restaurants and cafes. Even tho it was really crowded it did not matter because the people are so nice and friendly there. Oh and it is super easy going by train/metro. Prague only got 3 lines in all directions but the stations are likely more far away like there is no station at every street. We never rushed into the wrong train. The metro is such a cool experience.

It was pretty warm that day especially while carring our suitcases. The city heats up enormously and makes the day difficult for you but hey! better than rain. After this exhausting day we fell in our beds and slept at once pretty excited about what the next day in Prague offers. We will tell you that in our next posts. For now just enjoy these photos we took.





~Julia & Melli

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