New outfit! We actually searched for a good location or a good background for our outfits so we just went into the forest and found that abandoned barn we already used in another photoshoot. The barn has such a cool lighting and much space to shoot. We are both living in the same village and the next town is some miles away so it’s hard to get these “city looks”. We usually shoot in the nature outside or at the garages in front our houses but anyways here is our new outfit:


We recently started to like issued skirts like the one in our post. The skirt has a part-elastic waistband with a fold-out silhouette. It flatters your figure and shows your thin waist line just like the top. Besides skirts are really comfortable and fit into every life situation like a birthday party or a normal school day. It doesn’t matter! There are so many styling options and styles for example romantic, vintage, contemporary or high-low.


“Dress like you are going to meet your worst enemy today.” – Coco Chanel


Top – Bershka (sold out)

Skirt – New Yorker (no online-shop)


~Julia & Melli

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