Melli: Switzerland is an expensive pavement. It’s crowded with expensive shops and famous brands. That is the experience I accomplished on my short trip to Switzerland. The country proves style and it has actually enticed me to buy these trousers. You could basically only see a classic style combined with a high-grade blouse and heels. But why do that what all people do? These kind of trousers are extremely comfortable and perfectly for a sporty and casual style as well. That’s why we love these trousers so much and recommend it to you guys! It is our latest It-Piece and it is packed in our suitcase to Prague. We are looking forward telling you a lot of experiences of Prague and we have a lot to do there.


Trousers – Pull&Bear

Jacket – Brandy Melville

T-shirt – Zara

Shoes – Adidas (another colour)


~Julia & Melli


Hey guys!

So we recently craving to get out of our comfort zone and discover the world. We always view new travel pages, look for magical places around the world, fill up our bucket list and set us goals. A bucket list hasn’t just a countable number of experiences or achievements you hope to accomplish during your lifetime. It has something magical, motivating and inspiring. Loving to rummage around inspirational people who travel the whole world by car or by foot and show their beautiful pictures and stimulating texts about their crazy life rides. We honestly envy them because they just don’t care! They don’t care if they will have a luxurious hotel as their next accommodation or a spa or wellness offers. It’s about discovering the quite nature and landscape around you, the big and loud cities who offer so much fun and just forget your current worries. Stargazing in a tent in the wilderness or party in the coolest club in New York City till next morning.

Unfortunately for all these dreams you need a lot of money but it’s possible, isn’t it? We are saving and earning money to accomplish our next goal: the wild America. We are craving for all the national parks and uncrowded landscape but also want to visit all our favourite big cities. We still have the time to do that because we got long holidays.

We are now going to travel more to discover new cultures and countries! It will be lit! Our next destination is Prague in the Czech Republic. So stay tuned for some cool photos, information and outfits!! Actually in love with that city!

And here is a collection of our favourite tumblr travel pictures to inspire you: 

Source: defiantely 

Source: luuuuuuuul 

Source: Flickr / panafoot

Source: sleg

Source: trefoiled

Source: forrestmankins

Source: rebel6

Source: 500px.com

Source: mahinabeams

Source: emiilymckenna

Source: queen-ofthe-mountains

Source: forrestmankins

~Julia & Melli


New outfit! We actually searched for a good location or a good background for our outfits so we just went into the forest and found that abandoned barn we already used in another photoshoot. The barn has such a cool lighting and much space to shoot. We are both living in the same village and the next town is some miles away so it’s hard to get these “city looks”. We usually shoot in the nature outside or at the garages in front our houses but anyways here is our new outfit:


We recently started to like issued skirts like the one in our post. The skirt has a part-elastic waistband with a fold-out silhouette. It flatters your figure and shows your thin waist line just like the top. Besides skirts are really comfortable and fit into every life situation like a birthday party or a normal school day. It doesn’t matter! There are so many styling options and styles for example romantic, vintage, contemporary or high-low.


“Dress like you are going to meet your worst enemy today.” – Coco Chanel


Top – Bershka (sold out)

Skirt – New Yorker (no online-shop)


~Julia & Melli


Unfortunately this post has a few technical error. I hope we can fix them soon.

Hey guys! We decided to compile a collection of our favorite ZARA items and we want to share them with you. So let’s just take a look at this cute items. We carefully chose summer clothes because it is summer so why not?

Why we chose ZARA for our wishlist? Because we love ZARA and it’s crazy how good they sell and we have never seen any ads from them. They always offer the trendiest clothes but also clothes with a special “detail” no other shops can offer. ZARA suprises us every time we walk into the shop. These carefully compiled outfits and styles on the mannequins inspire us to buy even more. Anyways that is our wishlist!

(from left to right):


Comment down below what you think of these clothes and what your favorite shop is at the moment!

~Julia & Melli