School break! Finally! We think we really deserve it after studying into the night and writing tests at school everyday. Now we are laying at the ocean and enjoying the exotic smell of fish and salt water. The sun is burning on our backs and we are likely about to run into the sea to cool down our overheated bodies. But what is a beach day without sunburn, salty hair and literally sand everywhere. NOTHING!

Now to our new outfit! We saw a lot of blogger and other people wearing a normal blouse off the shoulder and we got so much inspired we needed to copy that!

So here we chose a Tom Taylor blouse as our highlight and some casual black shorts. To make the look complete we chose a gorgeous flower field that perfectly charmed the outfit.

Blouse – Tom Taylor (sold out)

Shorts – H&M
~Julia & Melli


YES! Summer is finally here and it is awesome. We are off school in a week so it’s pretty close and we are soooo glad to do nothing anymore for school. Enjoying 6 weeks vacation and then go back to the normal school routine. Next school year is going to be hard but we can do that! Without further ado go check out our new outfit. It’s this gorgeous white midi dress. The dress consists of 100% cotton and it’s very kind to the skin. 

The dress is from the shop called blanc du Nil. This shop isn’t very widespread because it’s only available in some countries in Europe as far as we know. The clothes have such a high quality and consist of 100% cotton. 

~Julia & Melli 


We love Calvin Klein! We love their beauty products even though we don’t own any of their unique clothes (except the Calvin Klein Bag)  but we will soon. 

Calvin Klein ck2 Eau de Toilette

The perfume is fashionable, provocative, hip & distinctive. A scent of Calvin Klein for men and women which combines and creates an experience that can be shared in love and friendship. Unique, cool and natural – two fragrances fuse together and create a lively, intimate, sexy and contrasting connection. An unisex fragrance with two facets combining the urban with the freshness of the nature. 

Calvin Klein ck one Skin Moisturizer

Even though it’s ck one instead of ck two like the perfume it still smells awesome and definitely worth buying. The moisturizer is really nourishing and you can smell the scent all day long. It’s crazy! The product enters the skin, surface fast and leaves a pleasant and soft feeling on the skin. It does not leave a sticky residue and is quickly absorbed by the skin. 

~Julia & Melli