WE LOVE DENIM! Just a super simple outfit for today refined with some accessories.


Body positivity begins by loving yourself and to be confident in your own body and it doesn’t matter what other people say. If someone wants full lips let them have lipfillers, if someone wants bigger breasts let them have breast implants or a butt implants for a bigger butt or whatever. We don’t see it as a “trend”. We see it as them doing whatever they want and make them happy with their own body. It’s something we need to learn to be confident by being yourself. We need to learn that too. We are not perfect, nobodys perfect but that’s totally okay!


It’s totally okay to be your own priority like yes you matter and there is no being selfish there. Confidence is the key, it may be hard and take time but you got to learn to love yourself. Self love comes first. Don’t ever judge someone of their weight, skin, fashion, attitude or whatever.


Shirt: Asos

Jeans: H&M (sold out)

Shoes: Nike Air Force 1


~Julia & Melli

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