If there’s one dress every woman should have in her closet then it’s a little black dress. We’ve all talked about the little black dress but we think often times when we’re actually shopping it gets overlooked. At least that happens to us. We get distracted by color and prints and feathers and sparkle and more. The great thing about a fabulous little black dress is that it’s a blank slate but in the best way possible. You can transform it into whatever you want it to be with the help of a few accessories.


The world is dominated by all new things, newest trends, new fashion lines, new ways to make old styles work. Yet then there are those classic looks that never die.


A little black dress is perfect for literally everything. Great for a crazy party night or a big family dinner.


I think there is no need describing this beautiful garment it’s versatile, beautiful,  flattering and ideally matches with all your favorite accessories. In other words saying this beautiful frock deserves a place in your closet. Believe us there is nothing more sexy, versatile and classic than a LBD. It ideally suits brunches, office meetings, night outs, etc.


Jacket – Forever 21 (not the same)

You can find a little black dress everywhere!


~Julia & Melli

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