So we decided to start writing/blogging about traveling too. Enjoy!

Julia: I went to Tenerife last year in October and I loved it and I am going to let you know my journey now! So I am just going to tell you the things I did while I stayed on that beautiful island and if you want to know more details or information on some of these adventures/destinations comment down below and I will write another post!

Tenerife is famously a destination for a great holiday in the sun but if you’re looking for your next adventure Tenerife can cater for that too. Although the island might seem like a place of mass tourism and ‘standard’ holidays there are actually many different ways to enjoy a holiday in this balmy Spanish paradise. While people flock to the island every year to enjoy the sunshine why not try a different angle and go to the island to see the stars…

The flight to Tenerife was totally okay and the airport is kind of really big which I didn’t expect. We landed at the afternoon and the ride to our hotel located in Playa de las Americas took us ca. 30 min. In the evening we went to the beach and it was already dark but it was so relaxing and beautiful with all the lights and restaurants along the beach.


Day 1:

On our first day we just explored Playa de las Americas and the beach to get some sun. Cliched tourist tat and tired streets have been replaced with designer labels and Bougainvillea-lined walkways. The beach full of tanned people laying there to get even more sun but you have to enjoy the view of that clear blue water and the black sand.


Day 2:

We rent a car and drove around the whole island. The road is beautiful and really adventurous.


We just followed the highway along the coast to the north and watched the amazing rare countryside. On the right side was the ocean and on the left side we could see the unexpected high mountains and dormant volcanoes. We arrived at Santa Cruz de Tenerife but just drove through the capital city of Tenerife and reached the number one beach of the best beaches on the island. To take better pictures we stopped at a panorama view ‘platform’.


This was the view on the other side of the ‘platform’.


It was really artsy there with a lot of graffiti also worth seeing.


After all the views to the ocean and the beach my dad drove up into the hills, the national park and the little villages which were along the street till we reached the mercedes forest. There are plenty small and cute villages. So veer away from the beach where time stands still, palm trees sway and whitewashed cottages remain well white. Being backed by mountains and surrounded by pine and fir trees till the mercedes forest and the jungle vibes reach your mind. The lush landscape is truly the stuff of fairytale with ancient twisted trees stretching their fingers towards the sky and gnarled roots that criss-cross above the ground. It has such a wild vibe and you actually think you are in a jungle. It was kind of really cold up there and foggy too as you can see at my pictures.


Enough impressions for that day so we went back to our hotel. Our hotel was located at the beach so we had to walk like 2 min to the beach which was really cool. Our hotel room, the hotel area and the pool were really cool but I never went into the pool because we were always on the go to explore the island which was definitely better than laying on the pool all day like the other hotel guests did it which I could not understand. I travel to see new cultures, meet other people, go on adventures and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

Day 3:

Our goal for this day was to stroll around Pico de Teide. We first went up the hills into the Teide National Park. The view to the vulcano was just breathtaking! You felt like in the desert. The sky was blue and the sun was out. A unique landscape of craters, volcanoes and rivers of petrified lava surrounding the impressive silhouette of Teide Volcano that stands at 3.718 m. above sea level. You will be surprised by the diversity of Las Cañadas del Teide taken aback by its huge rivers of petrified lava and impressed by the eroded rocks and colossal dimensions of this mineral chaos. The contrast of the blue sky and the black rocks is amazing and so intensive. That was my favourite day!


My biggest question was: Are you in America or really in Tenerife? The landscape reminds me so much of the USA! The national park helps you get away from the idea that Tenerife is just beach and sun. You definitely won’t regret visiting!

Part two is coming soon!

~Julia & Melli

11 thoughts on “TENERIFE – PART ONE

    • love the Tenerife story. We experienced the same way, adn still do…. Every year in October 2 weeks to ‘paradise’. This year will be the 12th time! It;s the variety what brings us back every year. And every year we explore new places. We are getting older so the climbing/hiking times are getting shorter, but still….. enough new things to explore. AND when we finally are so tired of exploring there is the pool and the sea, but then the end of the yearly Holidays is already there….
      Marijke & Krijn

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