L’amour fou is french and means something like crazy love! Why crazy love? Because we love this outfit. What is better on a wonderful snow day than to grab your favourite jacket and to proudly walk through the winter wonderland?! May some of you don’t like snow or the cold but just let your grouchy mood in your wardrobe and bring out your favourite outfit and your beloved jacket. Snow is great above all you can work with a lot of contrasts!


If you’re looking to break out of your black or camel coat and jacket rut we highly recommend giving green a try like we did. This is such a girly and cute outfit you can wear everywhere! We really adore it!


The coat is really conspicuous so we chose more natural and dark colors to focus on that super pretty jacket.


As our green coat so warm, cozy and with a unique lightness. Suitable for the city and perfect for frequent trips. An elegant and stylish piece that will turn heads.
What do you think?


Coat – Next

Scarf – Necklush (not the same)

Skirt – House of Fraser (not the same)

High Knee Socks – Asos


~ Julia & Melli

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