Is there anything different in what a blogger carries around vs what everyone else carries around? I’m not sure, but I’ll be showing you what I carry around on the daily and let you be the judge of that.


  1. My notebook; I always have a notebook with me, wether it’s to sketch or to write, I leave the home without something to write in.
  2. Earphones; I’m pretty sure everyone carries around earphones, am I right? I usually have one pair in my pocket and one pair in my bag. I am currently in love with SudioSweden’s earphones, they look gorgeous and they have amazing sound as well!
  3. Polaroid camera; to be honest I don’t even take that many pictures with my polaroid camera, simply because it can get quite expensive. But still, I always have it on me, because I do not want to run into something beautiful and miss the opportunity to have an amazing shot.
  4. A book; in total I spend about 15 to 20 hours weekly travelling by train, tram or underground so having something to read is a total must for me.
    ( I am currently reading ‘I was here’, totally recommend it! )
  5. A watch; now this might be a weird one, and I don’t think this is necessarily something that bloggers carry around, it’s probably just me. There’s a 99% chance that you will find a watch in my bag for various reasons; 1. you’re not allowed to wear a watch during exams so I will drop it in my bag and most likely forget about it & 2. by leaving my watch in my bag when I take it off I can not forget it at home the next day.
  6. My iPhone; I don’t think there’a lot of explaining needed for this one… I mostly use it to talk to friends and family, take pictures, and to see wether my train/underground is on time or not (more often not..)
  7. Random stuff; a water bottle (stay hydrated kids!), painkillers, deodorant, hair ties, etc.

Shop shop shop:
– Notebook here
– Earphones here
( you can use my code ‘perfecttsoull’ for a discount!)
– Polaroid camera here
– Book here
– Watch here
– Phone case ; unfortunately not being sold anymore, sorry!

What do you carry around on the daily? Let me us know below! x

I just want to give a big thanks to Julia and Melli for writing a guest post for me and letting me write one for them, it’s been a great experience and I look forward to working with the two of you again! 

Thank you so much for writing a guest post for our blog! You guys should definitely check her out. Lotte has an amazing blog called! We are looking forward to work with you again too.


  1. Hello beautiful,
    I love personal posts like this. It’s so interesting to find out, what is in other girls bags! And it’s super cool, that you use to take your polaroid in it! I also have one, but use it like 1x a year – because it is really expensive (as you already mentioned). But I should use it more and you definitely inspired me with it!

    Wish you a nice weekend!

    xo, Sandra from

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