A few months ago we wouldn’t have looked at these pants twice but now we absolutely love them. They are not only comfortable and easy to wear but they are a perfect day-to-night option too.

Charged with the ability to skim over curvy hips and lengthen legs when paired with heels, it’s no wonder that the street style set wants to wear wide-leg pants all year round.
So if you too are feeling sick of your skinny jeans take inspiration from our following outfit that prove wide pants are the way to go this winter.


Fashion bloggers are pairing cropped wide-leg pants with flat loafers and boots while longer ground-grazing styles are looking their best over high heel, close-toe ankle boots. We kinda decided to style these pants in a more classy look combinded with some sporty accessoires.

They elongate legs, make a tiny waist, correct body types and proportions…

This trousers style is after all 70’s inspired so the Charlie’s Angles look (think office) is kinda cool. Structured long suit style wide leg high waisted pants in solid yet muted colors (browns, greens, purples) that are super fitted on the waist and bum and then fall straight along the leg as if they’re made of a super heavy fabric. Wide leg pants are a thing of the 70’s, so that may be the reason why it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.


For a casual style don simple t-shirts tucked in and for work or more polished looks go for pussy-bow inspired tops.


You are looking for more wide leg pants in different styles then go check out Shein. They have a huge selection of clothes even these pants.


Wide Leg Pants – Shein


~ Julia & Melli

*sponsored by Shein


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